Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bad Date Scenario

Okay, don’t shoot me, but we met online, and while initially this guy seemed nice, it quickly became apparent that he was lacking conversational skills as most of our IM conversations consisted of smiley’s to indicate what he wanted to say. So after several weeks of this I gave up and stopped talking to him. He questioned this and then persuaded me to “give him a chance” in person. He chose the restaurant for us to meet at. He showed up late, and did not greet me at the door but merely followed me to the table (that’s right, no hello, no nothing). Upon sitting he immediately started perusing the menu and commented that he hoped they had bread or chips. Uhh its TGI Fridays, they don’t do that complimentary. So after several minutes of silent menu reading we gave our order and he ordered a salad and breadsticks to be brought out immediately and a water. I ordered a steak and a soda (hehe). When the bread came out he pulled it over to his side of the table and proceeded to eat every single piece while double dipping in the butter. No, he did not offer me one, nor did I wish to try to take one! During the meal the conversation centered around my choice to drink soda and not water (very unhealthy) and the fact that too many people these days eat very unhealthily (as I ate every bite of my delicious steak and mashed potatoes) blah blah blah. He did pay the bill without comment (thank you) but then we sat in awkward conversation/silence. I was unsure what to do. He had mentioned that he had found some damage on his car before dinner and that he needed to get something at the store to repair it. So finally, with no other excuse for a graceful exit, I mentioned this. So he got up, walked in front of me out the door and straight to his car. No good bye. No holding the door behind him for me. Nothing. Nada. The end. 3 days later he was shocked when I scolded him on his behavior and told him not to contact me again. ACK!!!


At 8:34 AM , Blogger Reagan said...

yay! thanks for putting it on my blog, too!


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