Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wedding Season

(old post from my xanga site) Tis the season.... of weddings that is. I am off to my fourth one of the summer (well if you count april as summer...) and I have 2 more go to for the year, at least that I've been invited to so far! More invites could come, time will tell. I just watched The Wedding Crashers and laughed my butt off - go see it if you haven't. Yes there are a few "crude" parts in there, but they are quick and the rest of the movie is actually quite hilarious and even heartwarming. I absolutely love Owen Wilson but I now have a whole new fondness for Vince Vaughn. In fact, I'll have to see it again just to catch all of his zingers! I mean, I know its awesome writing but he does SO great at spitting them out at lightning speed! Okay so back to weddings. You know, each one is different and yet they are mostly the same. I hope that when my day comes I can add some spice to it - something different, catch people off guard or something. Who knows what that would be but I have plenty of time to think about it. Of course, this wedding is the 3rd one at my church that I've gone to and there will be 2 more so I assume they will look fairly the same. The fun part is watching whether they write their own vows, whether or not the bride trips going up the stairs, who cries first the bride or the groom, whether or not the ring bearer and flower girl make it all the way to the front and stay there. See I don't understand why people pick these super young kids to do that stuff - pick at least a 6 or 7 year old that won't cry, pick a booger or just go and sit down! Of course, kids are the humor in everything right? Maybe I'll have my cats be ring bearer's - think I can train them to do that? HA! They'll probably lay down in the middle of the aisle expecting everyone to cater to them. I know people who have had their dogs - now thats pretty cool if you have a pretty and well behaved dog... So I guess its wedding time. Don't worry I'm not crashing this one, I'm actually invited..... seriously go see that movie!


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