Saturday, October 21, 2006

10 Year Reunion

Whew! Its over! I’ve been planning and thinking about my 10 year HS reunion practically all year. Yes, I’m weird like that and started thinking about it LAST YEAR when someone else I knew had their reunion. And now it’s over. Part of me is a little sad because I really enjoyed the work that went into finding old classmates and getting in touch with everyone. I’m hoping to keep up with everyone for the next few years until the 15-year reunion! Oh yes, there will be another one! I’m just so glad that my work paid off and we really had a great turnout! I managed to get in touch with about 80% of our classmates and even though all of them couldn’t come, the fact that I found a way to contact them was rewarding for me. In the end, we had 62 attend the Homecoming Football game on Friday night (yay Clifton won!) and several even attended the little ice cream social at our old HS where we were allowed to roam the halls and classrooms and discuss which locker used to be ours. It was strange being back in those hallways because as much as they’ve changed and I’ve changed, I was still sent spiraling back into memories. Memories of the girls bathroom where I spent much time giggling and gossiping with my friends while we checked our hair or simply hid from people we didn’t want to talk to. The classroom where I had freshman English and made one of my best friends who is still my best friend today! The science labs where many humorous discussions took place, and even the gym where I went to many pep rally’s and basketball games. Saturday morning I was up and going early for the brunch at the Mitchell’s ranch which was delicious and very nice! The food was abundant and yummy but my favorite was watching these classmates of mine and their kids. The kids are all young for the most part and are just PRECIOUS! Apparently a favorite was this mother and son – aren’t they sweet???

I enjoyed being behind the camera and just observing everyone as they interacted. It was a great morning. The finale of the weekend was Saturday night out at the Safari Ranch and while I was almost exhausted by the time it arrived, I was so ready for it! We had a great group and a great time of visiting and eating and just enjoying seeing each other again.

We laughed at the video of our graduation events, and we laughed even harder at some of the old pictures and yearbooks. So much has changed in the past 10 years and yet many of us were quite the same, just a little older and wiser ….. well maybe not ALL of us! It was so great to see old friends and faces and my favorite? Well that was talking to people that maybe I wasn’t a great friend with in HS but now we get along. Finding out what people are doing now, whether shocking or predictable. Those are the things I really enjoyed and I hope I won’t forget!


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