Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Adventures of Green Mouse

Okay so I have two cats, Ty and Lady. They are very sweet and playful cats and they especially love toys. Like children, they happily play with just about anything that they can kick around like a ball and so I usually amuse them with bottle caps. Yep, regular old "free" plastic bottle caps. Somehow these mysteriously disappear regularly but as I drink water every day I come home with more each week. One day I am sure I will find a collection - under the fridge/stove/washer/dryer etc. Well one of their other very beloved toys is a fuzzy green mouse. Now, I bought a pack of fuzzy mice awhile back and have slimmed down to only 2 remaining and one is green mouse. Yellow mouse remains safely tucked in a drawer until green mouse disappears for good. You must understand, though, that green mouse is very well loved. So loved, in fact, that he has no head. How the cats managed to remove the head I have no idea. But all that is left is a body and a tail which apparently is enough. Since green mouse cannot move on his own, Ty and Lady bat him around - normally on the kitchen/entryway floor which provides the perfect surface for skidding. Green mouse gets sent to and fro on a regular basis. Its a good thing he doesn't have a head because he'd be very dizzy. The problem with this is that the stove is in the kitchen. At my current apartment, the refrigerator sits just low enough that there is no room for fuzzy green mouse to go sailing underneath. The stove is another matter. Green mouse regularly retreats underneath (for some peace and quiet I am sure) and so after much pleading by Ty I usually have to "rescue" green mouse and return him to the playing field. Many times I come home to find Ty crouched on the kitchen floor in front of the stove looking underneath, or somethings just laying there waiting for me to retrieve his toy. So far green mouse has escaped the dangers of the bathroom. Please understand that as strange as it may sound, this is a fabulous arrangement - my cats drink out of the toilet. They have done so ever since they arrived. It used to be that Ty was too small and so he would climb up on the rim (I leave the seat up of course) and step down INTO the bowl to drink. Oh yes. But now they are both big enough that they simply dip their paws into the water and then lick their paws. Strange, I know but it works. Otherwise I'd have spilled water on the floor constantly because they like to play. The toilet has been the death sentence for many fuzzy mice. I hate to think of the septic system but hey, not my problem! Thankfully, green mouse has escaped this death thus far. Well, the playing has stopped...... I must go see if I need to rescue green mouse again.


At 12:36 PM , Blogger Mrs.T said...

Ahh the joys of kitty children.. LOL

At 2:57 PM , Blogger Reagan said...

my roommate has a cat, too. it would rather chew on our tennis shoe laces and household plants that its own toys.


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