Thursday, November 03, 2005

baby bug

okay so i'm not married and thus the chances of having a baby are um, yeah zero but is it possible to get the baby bug anyway? because omg THEY ARE SO SWEET! i am not the girl who sees babies and immediately swoons and coos and has to hold and touch and smell them. that is not me. but last night a friend of mine brought her new baby to church (he's 9 days old) and as soon as i saw her walking up with the baby carrier i went straight over and said "give me that baby". she just laughed and handed him over (he's her second so she's not a clingy mom). i held him the entire service. he was awake some of the time, just looking around and stretching because yay! he can! he's not squished in her womb anymore! and then almost as soon as the praise and worship started he was out like a light. i had him in one arm and the other arm tapping my leg in the only clap i could do with one hand and he could have cared less. it was soo cool. i got a good arm workout too. granted, when i really think about it i know that i have to have a husband first and we need to be married awhile first (maybe 6 months because you know, i'm not getting any younger dadgummit!). and am i really ready to do the whole sleep deprived, diaper duty, chaos that is a new baby? probably not, considering how anal i am about my time and space. but then i think, hello i can give that stupid selfish stuff up for a new life. i could. it may be painful but it would be worth it. so then to add insult to injury i go over to our music leaders house after church and another couple walks in with a baby carrier. i didn't even know they had had the baby yet (this one was a surprise and came earlier than expected) and i just thought I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE! but of course, i planted myself on the floor next to the carrier and just watched her sleep. just a few days younger than the other baby. still so tiny and peacefully sleeping. they are the best when they are sleeping. okay so to any of my readers who didn't have the bug and you do now, i apologize. you must share in my misery. our day will come. it will, i know it will. and who knows, maybe we can all go through it at the same time. that would be cool. but until then, i might become a baby snatcher to get my "fix".


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