Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Redneck woman all the way

Okay so maybe my neck isn't actually red but man I love that song. by the way I am working on another post but its pretty deep and extensive so I'm still working on it. To be posted soon!
For now, I have to share how excited I am about this weekend. I am going to East Texas (Rusk area to be specific) to see a guy I went to HS with but haven't seen since. Thats right, 11 years actually because he left after our Junior year. We were friends back then though, and I'm excited to have reconnected with him and now get to spend a weekend with him. yes, there is "potential" there! But the best part is that he lives out in the country and runs his own chicken farm. No, not some little podunk farm but an actual business growing and tending to over 100,000 chickens that every 7 weeks get "exchanged" through Pilgrims' Pride. He has week old chicks right now that I'm super excited to see - they are so cute when they are tiny and fuzzy! Now some of you are probably thinking, oh my gosh thats gonna stink so bad, but he swears to me that because he feeds them microbiotic feed that you can't smell them from 150 yards (ie you can't smell them from the house). I will be the judge of that.... but i'm hoping he's right because while I don't really mind chickens, I'm pretty sure the smell is NOT pleasant. I've smelled the turkey farms out by my parents house - now THAT is some raunchy smell. but those are also open air and probably not very well kept. Anyhow, on top of the cute baby chickens to play with, he is taking me for a train ride on the
  • Texas State Railroad
  • which I've heard from many people is actually pretty fun. Of course, the funny part is that he got us open air tickets which means he will probably sweat to death. Granted I'll sweat too but I don't mind it. I like the open air! Even in this Texas heat. ALSO, he told me last night that he has acquired 2 Border Collie mix puppies - still all cute and fuzzy!!! Awwwww! So yeah, I am anticipating a totally fun country weekend with chickens, puppies, horses, big trucks, and a train ride! Plus, time with Caleb Mack that may just turn into 'something'. we shall see. I may not want to come home. I live in the city because this was where good jobs were, and now I've been here 5 years. Yes I have a great job but the minute I get the chance, a real chance, to move back out to the country, I will pack my bags and never look back. Its funny how you think you want something, and then once you've had it for a while you realize you really don't want it, not forever. When I was living in Clifton I was young and active and bored out of my mind, so moving to the city was perfect. But now, the older I get the slower I want to be and the less interested I am in the cities "sparkle". The more I prefer sitting on a porch swing drinking sweet tea and enjoying the clean country air. There is a song on the radio that gets me every time I hear it. "I miss Mayberry, sitting on the porch drinking ice cold cherry coke, where everything is black and white, sitting on the porch swing where people pass by and they know you by your first name, watching the world go by"


    At 10:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ah, I'm so excited about this prospect....he could be the perfect guy for you Jan!!! :)
    I'll keep my fingers crossed.


    At 2:54 PM , Blogger Reagan said...

    me, too!


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