Thursday, May 04, 2006

Vacation Countdown - 27 Days!

Okay forgive me if this is bragging but I'm so dang excited I can hardly stand it! I totally have vacation fever and have been scouring the internet at night for reviews, advice, information, etc. I am going to the Dominican Republic and so there are TONS of things to know about it. The only problem I'm having is that I'm practicing my spanish in my head and it keeps coming out french because I'm actually better with french. I live in Texas, yet I took french in college. What was I thinking? Well okay I know what I was thinking - I wanted to be a world traveller and french was much more romantic than spanish. Just not quite as practical. So I have a few friends who speak spanish that I'm going to ask for help so maybe i can get out of this french thing. I did read several reviews by Canadians that said they didn't have a problem speaking french and being understood, so I guess thats a good thing. Also, it would appear that 70-80% of the clientele is European/Latino. Americans are far in the minority! Some American travellers are probably upset with this and several reviews I read from american's said so. But for me, that makes it even better! I'm going on vacation for something different - not the same thing I live with every day! I love Europe and the European way of living! And I can't wait to meet people from all over the world!

I've also had to buy a new camera. Yes you heard me. I HAD to. It was a necessity. I'm going to one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean - the new hot spot. I got this last camera as a birthday present in 2001. Right before my trip to Greece actually! Well in camera years, that sucker is OLD. Looking for a new one I noticed that ALL of them come with only one year warranty's. Here I was thinking my camera was crummy and I didn't want another Kodak until I saw those one year warranty's. Then I laughed at myself because my camera really did me good for the first few years. but this last year its just ready for retirement! So I decided to go with another Kodak since I already have some accessories that I can re-use. It should come in 7-10 business days. Woo hoo!

The tanning is also going well. Granted, I will never be a bronze goddess. I won't tan deep and dark. But I am significantly darker than I was when I started, thats for sure. I had to buy a new lotion last night and since I didn't like the one I had been using, I got a different brand and this one is a 5 bronzer (apparently thats good) with anti-aging (definitely good) and a very nice smell. Bonus. The thing is, these dang lotions that they say are "necessary" cost more than double the price of the membership to tan!! I mean, what a market right? Its one thing to charge people to subject themselves to a chlosterphobic tomb of UV lights in an attempt to get tan while risking burn and skin cancer. People pay money for this (me included)! But then you have to use this special lotion that costs more than a monthly tanning membership! I need to get into that business LOL! Anyway, so I got the new lotion and I used the stand-up bed last night because I was sick of the white stripe down my sides from the face bed. I gotta say I prefer the stand-up bed. At least I can wriggle a little bit and move my feet and my skin isn't all stuck to the plastic.

And this is the month. 27 days to get tan, 27 days to get bikini body (although according to previous comments I already have "nice boobage" lol), 27 days to pack and unpack and repack!

(side note, to anyone thinking about the financial aspects of this trip and thinking, aren't you broke? No I'm not actually. I saved quite a bit of money for this trip from my tax refunds and bonus from work. and I am sacrificing getting my nails and toes done for the tan. so there, thats my disclaimer lol)


At 8:24 AM , Blogger Reagan said...

did you get a digital?

At 2:29 PM , Blogger Jana Leigh said...

of COURSE!! and its better than my old one - the old one was a 3.1 MP and this one is 5 MP with all sorts of cool features and a flip up flash thing and a grip. Its the Kodak Z740 if you wanna check it out. I mainly like the way it looks lol

At 6:20 AM , Blogger Matt said...

My passport is good until May!


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