Friday, March 24, 2006

i have a cold

one should never brag about one's immune system of steel because invetibly the next day one will come down with a cold. or whatever it is i have. everyone at work has been sick and has so very kindly brought their sickness with them to work. instead of taking a day or two off early in the illness to catch it in infancy and prevent it from growing into something nasty, they work until they can't get out of bed and then return asap to cough and sneeze and share the germs with us all. i wash my hands. i have hand sanitizer at my desk. i take vitamin c. i drink LOTS of water (in fact its part of my new diet to drink only water, aside from my morning cup of coffee). but then we got freaking freezing temperatures IN MARCH and i was out in the cold air for the stars game (they won!) and WHAM. sore throat. and other things you don't want to hear about. so i stayed home from work out of courtesy (even though it was not shown to me). Hoping I'd be well enough to go back today I took advil cold and sinus last night but instead of helping me sleep i was up all night long. those sleep aid/cold meds NEVER put me to sleep. except for benadryl of course. tonight i'll take benadryl and hopefully get a good nights sleep. the sore throat is almost completely gone but now my head and nose are all stuffy - seriously, mucous must grow at an alarming rate because I don't understand how so much fits in there!!! sorry that was TMI but anyone who's been through this knows I'm right!! according to my mom this allergy season is supposed to be horrendous. my allergies are usually very mild so but i may have to work a little harder at keeping them at bay this year. word of advice: never brag that you never get sick. its murphy's law that then you will. happy spring everyone!


At 7:38 AM , Anonymous Lari said...

Some people have to come to work because we can't take time off to take care of ourselves because we have to save our sick time in case our kids get sick.

But I throughly understand what you are saying. I use to take off everytime I was sick that very reason, but I can't now.


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