Saturday, February 25, 2006


Okay I sat down on the couch to eat lunch and finish my crossword puzzle in People and then I was going to do something else. Something other than sitting on the couch. But apparently my cats had other plans. As I was finishing the crossword Lady came up and started to knead on the blanket I have covering my lap. She then curled up on the small extra piece next to me. I finished the crossword and decided to check email and this is when Ty jumped up on my lap. Now Ty is in my lap (my legs are crossed and starting to tingle) and Lady is next to me. Both are sound asleep. Very asleep - Ty is even making small noises as he dreams!!! I'm stuck! Granted, I know you're thinking "hello, they are CATS. Just move them!" But the thing is, they are both warm so thats nice. And also they don't always do this - especially not both at the same time!!! I just don't have the heart to disturb their peace. So I'm writing this blog entry instead. Sharing the experience.

Oh here's another story for you. Last weekend we had a nice sleet/ice storm here and so my travelling plans were cancelled. I decided it was a good time to go ahead and get new tires because lets just say it was something that was about 2000 miles overdue. You know the trick of checking the tread by using a coin? Um yeah there almost wasn't any tread left to even put the coin into much less measure the distance between the edge and the guy's head! I had been waiting to get tires until I got my bonus but that doesn't come til March 10 and with the weather I really didn't want to risk driving on treadless tires lol. So I sat at NTB and got new tires. YAY! Then on Sunday, I was on my way to lunch after church and stopped at the intersection of I-35 and 121. When I came to the stop, I hear what sounded like something falling off my car. But then I thought maybe it wasn't anything major or i just ran over something. No big deal. The light turned green, I drove away, heard no more noises. It wasn't until after the meal that I decided to check the passenger side of the car just to be sure. Well the hubcap was gone! Yes, on the new tire! Considering it had come off while I was on 121 at a busy intersection I figured it was long gone. But I called a friend who had left before me to see if he could check anyway. He had already passed the intersection going north on 121 but said he'd turn around and see if it was still in the southbound lane. I was on my way as well, going north on I-35. As I approaced,I moved into the right lane and lo and behold guess what lay there, on the shoulder in a perfect location for me to stop the car, jump out and grab it? Seriously! I mean it wasn't even where it had come off - it was on the access road of I-35, not 121!! And it was still in good condition! So I drove on to a parking lot where Jesse met me and he helped put it back on. How cool is that? and random.

Oh and guess what, Ty just heard a dog barking outside so he woke up and jumped off my lap. I'm free!


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