Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Nick Name

Okay I've decided that I'm just one of those people who naturally attract nicknames. Among my coworkers alone I'm known as:

and the newest one: Yahn (the J pronounced as a Y with a slight accent on the "a" sound. Why you may ask? Apparently he thinks I look like a dutch girl. do they say their J's like a Y in the dutch language?)

Then of course, there is my camp name from my Pine Cove counselor days, Twister. I still answer to this. And many times in my life I've been called Jan Brady (har har har), as well as Blondie, Shorty, Sunshine.....

I'm just one of those people. Nicknames are magnets and I am the metal.


At 9:07 PM , Anonymous Jesse Switsky said...

Trouble fits you very well. I just can't figure out who the nickname Jan Brady should offend, you or her.I mean that in a playful jab.


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