Friday, February 03, 2006


Okay for anyone who thinks I'm nutty I've been recently validated for two of my many "quirks" regarding housekeeping. Well sort of validated. I've come across at least 4 comments/statements in articles regarding toilet paper and how it should come off the TOP of the roll and not from underneath. Then today I read this on (see link to the right) ". . . I have come to terms with the fact that he unloads the dishwasher differently than I do, and that is okay. It’s okay that he does it wrong." I am not the only woman in the world who thinks the dishwasher should be loaded and unloaded in a certain fashion!! Yay!


At 8:57 AM , Anonymous Jesse Switsky said...

Who cares in what way it gets done as long as it gets done.... right?

At 12:52 PM , Blogger Reagan said...

it should come from the TOP!

At 2:31 PM , Blogger Jana Leigh said...

jesse, jesse, jesse *shaking head*


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