Friday, January 06, 2006

Office Space

I don't always mind living in cubicle land corporate america but some things just irritate me. Milton had his special stapler, I have a staple puller. It has my name on it and yet it still manages to disappear. I've found it at the printer and in the copy room. Now I hide it. Thankfully I do not have an annoying boss like Lumburg - my boss ROCKS. But I do have annoying coworkers (don't we all?). There is the "too close" coworker. She simply does not get the concept of personal space. When she comes to talk to me I cringe because she walks right into my cube and will literally be less than an inch from my chair - sometimes she actually presses up against my chair. And of course I'll be leaning as far back across my desk as I can possibly get to put space between us. How is this not obvious? And why can't she just pick up the phone and call me? Then there's the "space cadet". She is constantly roaming around looking for someone to talk to. Sometimes she'll walk over to my neighbors cube, look in on her and then leave (she has finally learned that I'll just ignore her if I' m busy) Or if her manager isn't in his office she'll just keep walking over every 5 minutes to see if he's back - she'll stand there a few seconds staring at his chair as if he may magically appear. Wouldn't it just be easier to pick up the phone to see if he's at his desk BEFORE walking over? There is the "noseybody" who of course has exceptional hearing and picks up on everything everyone says and then rushes over to demand details if she hears something juicy. Of course, I also have my friends who I welcome chat breaks from, or those who keep goodies in their office. And I really can't complain about the fact that I get a rather large choice of free product all day long - soda's, water, slushies, gum, candy, hot chocolate, tea and coffee. Some offices charge for stuff like that! So really, working in cubicle land isn't so bad most of the time. Although I do wish I had a square cube instead of a rectangular one. . . . . and more of a window view. . . . and maybe a more comfortable chair. . . . heck I'd rather work at home!!! :-)


At 9:44 AM , Blogger Reagan said...

whats really sad is, i believe, "office space" was filmed IN dallas, near las calinas. AND michael bolton's apartment looked exactly like mine and amy's in lewisville....the kitchen was exactly the same, even down to where the microwave was placed. depressing.


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