Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sunkist+Dianetics+Strangers=Fun Party!

so last night I went to a Christmas party hosted by a guy I know from work. I don't know this guy all that well but he invited me and I had nothing better to do on a friday night so I went. I did not know how long I would stay considering the only other person I would know there probably wouldn't stay more than an hour. So I get there about 15 minutes "late" and there are only 2 other people there. My friend, the host and one of his neighbors, Neil. Somehow, we got onto the subject of Tom Cruise and Scientology and Jeremy (the host) said he had a book about Dianetics. I immediately grabbed it and began reading. If anyone reads this and is a scientologist you may wish to stop reading now. I do NOT understand that stuff. Granted this book was written in 1991 but it was just nuts. He used big words and it was somewhat confusing. I now have in my vocabulary words like "aberrated" which means insane, and "engram" which is basiclly post traumatic stress syndrome and indicates a painful memory which then causes a person to react negatively when encountering something in that "engram". Hence a person who murders or rapes or whatever should not be held responsible because they did those things due to an engram from something in their past. You know the whole he's a wife beater because his daddy was a wife beater and so on. Anyway I also learned "clear" is the term used for people who have erased their "engrams" and are now free from negativity and thus are free from disease/illness. A "clear" person never gets a cold according to this book because a cold is self-induced due to engrams. Yeah. I made an act to read this stuff aloud to Neil, Jeremy and my friend and we had a great time discussing it and asking questions and looking up the big words. I went to a party and read a book aloud about Dianetics and had a blast. What is WRONG with me? Well part of it was the Cherry Limeade Sunkist which has just been released and is actually very good as long as you like the regular Orange Sunkist. Its some strong stuff you guys, I was hyper on that for like 3 hours! 42 grams of sugar baby! So as the time went on more people came and Neil and I were slightly outcasted for our constant laughing (he had Sunkist too) and our "inside jokes" regarding aberration and clearness. But it was a very small studio like apartment so eventually everyone was altogether. Jeremy has The Book of Questions and so that was fun. Again Neil and I managed to somehow isolate ourselves in that game and we pulled Paul in with us. But soon the others joined in. Questions like "Which of the three would you choose if you had to: Save 20,000 kids in Indonesia, prevent a plane crash that would kill 200 people in your metro area, or save 1 acquaintance from a car crash?" Or "If you were at a good friends for thanksgiving and found a dead cockroach in your salad, what would you do?" It was hilarious. Seriously. So I stayed til midnight, laughing my butt off, at a party with people I had never met before, reading a book about dianetics and answering questions out of another book. and maybe I made some new friends. or maybe I will never see them again. Either way, possibly one of the best parties i've been to in awhile! hats off, Jeremy. Good times!


At 11:39 AM , Blogger Mrs.T said...

I have a book that one of my best friends sent to me on Dianetics, and I haven't had the gumption to read it yet. It's probably just a fear of having to use a dictionary to read a book.. but I saw that it recommends having the dictionary..

At 3:04 AM , Blogger dr sardonicus said...

L. Ron Hubbard's original book on dianetics (which it sounds like you were reading from) originally came out in 1951, IIRC. Hubbard passed from here and went to wherever it is Scientologists go to in 1986.

Back when I was in college, someone gave me a copy of the original Dianetics book. I read about fifty pages of it, and threw it in the trash.


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