Monday, December 05, 2005

Phone Survey Fun

Back when I was a temp I did a lot of phone survey's. I am a pro. I figured once I was a "real" employee maybe I would dodge that job. Not so. Every once in a while we have to survey stores to find out if they have product, etc. Yeah. Lots of fun. Here are some excerpts from some recent conversations I've had.

"____ Can I help ya?"
"Can you tell me if you have Dr Pepper on your fountain?"
"Dotta Peppa? I thank so hang on"
*clunk sound as the phone is put on the counter*
in the background I hear "Some chick on da phone wanna know if we got dotta peppa on our machine. what kinda question is dat?" *Laughter*
"Yeah we got it"
"So it is Dr Pepper, not Mr Pibb?"
"Uh yeah its peppa"
"Okay thank you very much"

*this guy talked in a very singsong voice the whole time*
"Thank you for calling ____ what can I do to make this day better for you?"
(I had to hesitate because I wanted to laugh)
"I just need to know if you guys have Dr Pepper on your fountain?"
*long drawn out pause*
"Do you have Dr Pepper on your fountain?"
"Dr Pepper?"
"Oh, well I think so but let me just go make sure for you okay? Hold on just a minute......... Yes ma'am we sure do have Dr Pepper!"
"Okay great, any chance you know who delivers that to you?"
"Who what?"
"Who delivers it to you - who delivers your pop?" (I have to say pop because I'm calling the north and thats what they call it)
"Oh well I think its probably ____"
"Okay well thank you"
"Thank you for calling _____have a great day!"

But the normal conversation goes like this:

"Thank you for calling ____ How can I help you?"
"Hi, Can you tell me if you guys have Dr Pepper on the fountain?"
"Well, we have Mr Pibb and its the exact same thing"
"Okay, thank you"

FYI : DR PEPPER AND MR PIBB ARE NOT THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Dr Pepper is not a Pepsi product either!


At 5:40 AM , Blogger Mrs.T said...

I always used to get.. "Why, will you be coming for lunch today? What's your name? What do you look like? Can I buy you a free lunch?"

LOL... fun days... I needed the ego boost at 6 mos pregnant...

At 2:01 PM , Blogger Reagan said...

when i did that for dr pepper, i was hung up on. i called them back, told them it was rude to hang up on people, then hung up on them while they were explaining. corrie knew it wasnt a good idea to ask me to help with the phone surveys.


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