Monday, November 28, 2005

No pain, no gain???

Okay so I was feeling especially lazy/fat/lethargic after thanksgiving weekend.... I mean who wouldn't after 3 days of lounging around in pjs watching movies/tv and reading books and eating pie? And hello, I want to be able to fit nicely into my winter pants - and not just the stretchy waisted ones! So, I was watching Goonies on tv and decided to do my usual workout with the weights I have at home but I had to improvise with the leg workout. Usually at the fitness center I use the machines for the lower body workout but yeah, no machines at home. So I get the brilliant idea to do my normal lunges (20) and then I did 20 squats. Okay, so typing 20 seems so small and maybe some of you are like, no big deal. But you go and do 20 good squats right now and then tell me how you feel tomorrow!! I am telling you, my legs hurt so bad today. I guess its a good hurt because I worked the muscles but dang. I'd like to be able to walk normally, thank you! This workout stuff is for suckers. Okay not really. I gotta stick with it and someday I can do squats without being sore afterwards! And can fit back into my favorite jeans :-) You know what, the soreness is wearing off I think. . maybe I'll do some more squats.


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