Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Birthday Cake

How cool is this? Claire took the card that everyone signed for me and had it scanned to be put on the cake! its hard to tell but its really cool - everyones signature, etc is on there! and it was YUMMMMMY!!! She sent me on a scavenger hunt to get to it - the cake was the final destination. She started me with a clue at my desk this morning telling me to start my "journey" at 2:00. I had a hint for each destination and my journey sent me to the desks of my coworkers in a random order and with very cute clues. It was a lot of fun! Would have been more fun if I hadn't have tripped on stairs 3 times today. I am now barefoot with a sore ankle. dang heels! haha thats what I get for being old and decrepit. I fear what may happen when I turn 30!


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