Saturday, November 05, 2005

saturday in the city

i don't know why i did it - why did i wait til saturday to go to the mall? am i nuts? yes apparently so. i went to the mall. i wanted to go to the gap to get some jeans (because they have the ones that fit me the best and my other two are ruined). so i drove around the back instead of trying to park off the highway and as soon as I turned down an aisle I saw people getting into a car 4 cars in. yay! so i put my car in reverse to give them room to back up but I hadn't gone far when a car pulled in behind me. he wouldn't budge! I kept indicating for him to back up but he wouldn't so I opened my door bc I thought maybe he didn't see me. I asked him to back up and he says "No way, you missed it!" I was like, "Actually, no I didn't but you're just making it more difficult". The nice guy pulling out went to great pains going back and forward to get out of the spot but obviously he understood the issue and I held my ground. What a jerk! But I got the spot, thank you very much!! Then I enter the mall and the onslaught of people, old and young, baby strollers, big shopping bags and more. omg. Just find the gap, get in and get out. it took forever to finally find the jeans that were just right and then they rang up the wrong price so it just took FOR-EVER. I practically ran out of the mall! And just as I'm backing out, sure enough someone turns into that aisle and by the time they see me in reverse they are right on me, so they back up and thankfully no one blocked THEM in. Never again. I will NEVER AGAIN get out on a Saturday to go shopping of any kind. Always go Friday night!!!


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