Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Many things going on lately and I doubt this will be a very eloquent post but I figure I gotta say SOMETHING. So here's whats going on in my world lately:

~ A person I have worked during my entire career has gone and personally I am relieved. I won't say too much for fear of getting in trouble by mentioning work but this person has regularly been the butt of many jokes and gossip. It may not have best for this persons career but I think/hope morale at work will improve. Course, gossipers will always find something/one new to prey on....

~ There is turmoil at my church and I'm really struggling with how I feel about it all. I love my church and I have great friends there -family really. I know that no church is perfect and they all have probably the same issues. But now that I'm older and am really involved, I feel more responsible for helping leadership, etc. Apparently we are having money issues and not making enough in offering for our bills - no surprise with the economy. Everyone's pockets are tight lately. But when I wrote to my Pastor to tell him my thoughts and ideas, he responded and told me I hurt and offended him and that I did not have accurate information. He wants to meet with me. So I think I will get someone else who was at the recent meeting go to with me. Might as well see what he has to say.

~ I took the plunge and paid for a month on eHarmony, just to see if all the hype is right. Now I have been "matched" with a guy I went on a blind date with almost 2 years ago. Yeah. So I'm a little nervous because I actually liked him, but he never called again after we met once. I have no idea why so we'll see what happens this time around. I don't know if he even remembers me.

~ I'm heading to the wonderful town of Clifton for Thanksgiving to hang out with my parents and enjoy the quiet country life for a few days. I already have plans to get together with one of my HS classmates, and will probably go horseback riding with another. I will also be researching places for our 10 year reunion and things to do. Clifton has changed and grown a lot in 10 years so I think I can be creative and find good stuff. I want to make it fun!

~ I may attempt to go renew my drivers license tomorrow because I'm afraid the longer I wait the better my chances that I'll have to take all the tests again. I haven't been able to renew it because I had a warrant out (I know, bad girl!) and its a long story. But I have paid that, and am waiting for the reciept. But my expired license is a really big deal. Its now been 14 days. YIKES!

Okay so I think thats the drama. maybe I'll get some more inspiration in Clifton - easier to write good stuff when I'm not as busy. I'll let you know! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!!


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