Thursday, November 17, 2005

you know its cold when......

. . . even the cats won't get out of bed! My cats are always up at the first alarm in the morning, usually meowing at me to get up, too. But the past 2 days its been so cold that they are both sleeping right next to me and even sometimes on top of me and in the morning neither one even budges. I am trying to keep my electric bill super low since I've moved into a bigger apartment, so I'm freezing my booty off by not running the heater. I woke up at 2 a.m. with frost on my nose so I finally turned it on to 65 and it came on in short bursts during the rest of the night. But both cats looked at me from the bed this morning as if to say, " are you crazy? get back under the covers and keep us warm!" Of course, my dad would say "thats what they have fur coats for!" In reality, they are the ones who keep me warm now. I am glad for the cooler weather, though. Yay for autumn in Texas! well at least for however long it lasts.....


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