Thursday, January 12, 2006

Selective Memory?

So last night I was sitting at KFC and talking with some friends. Actually I was listening while Geoff talked about his recent trip to Florida. And as he was recalling the days he was there, I asked how long had he been there? He gave me a funny look and, laughing, told me "I called you the day before I left, don't you remember?". Um, no I don't. In one ear and out the other. I'm pretty sure I had this problem in school as well. If it didn't intereste me, I didn't remember it any longer than necessary. And even then I didn't always remember! I couldn't tell you who was President when (well, I do know who the CURRENT President is, thank you very much). I don't remember birthdays other than those of my immediate family and a very few number of close friends. And yet, when it comes to people and names, song lyrics and movie quotes I can whip them right out of my memory in a flash! As Geoff was telling about his trip he mentioned a friend named Owen and asked if I remembered him and I said "Well of course I do! I also remember he has a brother..........who's name was..........BRENT!" Okay well his brother's name is actually Brett but I was close! And Geoff was baffled that I couldn't remember how long he was gone on his trip which was just a week ago, and yet I could remember the names of 2 guys who I had met 4+ years ago and had only seen ONE TIME. Yeah. I remembered. I remember the name of the guy who sat next to me in my English Lit class in college (Bradley). I remember the name of the guy who wrote me a love note in 7th grade using the words of Madonn'as Song "Open Your Heart" (Fred). But if I was pressed to tell someone the year Columbus sailed..... yeah I'm not so sure. Hello! Am I Jessica Simpson? You know when she says that she didn't know buffalo's had wings? But if you want to hear anyone quote Aladdin, or Steel Magnolia's, or Pretty Woman - just ask!


At 5:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

and you always give me crap for forgetting!!!

At 9:24 AM , Anonymous Jesse Switsky said...

We are talking about Geoff Gafford. I tend to forget most what he says, because it makes no sense


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