Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dr Jan in the house

awhile back an idea was presented to me regarding counseling. a friend of mine is going through a program online to get a certificate in biblical counseling and suggested i start it too. i'm not sure how 'official' something like that would be but the books and lessons would probably be very enlightening. i considered doing it but sorta put it on the back shelf for awhile. well i believe the decision might be making itself for me. just in the past week alone i've had 3 people that i am not particularly close to spill their guts/problems to me. it is not totally unusual for people to just open up to me but for 3 people in a time span of about 5 days to do it? the most shocking was the woman at work who confided in me her anxiety about an upcoming surgery. we were in the ladies room of all places and there was really no intro to the topic, she just started talking about it! we carried the conversation on into the breakroom and i simply listened and offered the little advice i might have on such a thing. i walked away from that conversation baffled because it was so out of the blue. another situation involves my cousin who i am friends with but we've never been "soul deep" - we've never really had that intimate, soul searching type of relationship which is okay since she lives far away. but out of nowhere she sent me an incredibly long email containing a type of journal she's kept for over a year about a situation she's agonizing over and she wanted my help. of all the people she knows (and she has closer friends than me) she chose ME to spill all this out to. i was a non-biased party with no involvement whatsoever of the situation so she knew i could be completely objective and also very honest. but it still took me completely off guard that she sent me this huge chunk of her heart on a platter and asked for my diagnosis! the third situation involved someone i hardly know at all (just met actually) and she was simply having a bad day and spilled it all out to me. we were surrounded by some of her closest friends but instead of telling them, she told it to me (in a low voice so they weren't included). shocking!! so now i'm going to research the counseling stuff again and see what i can find. who knows, this may be my new calling in life! and if anyone has some situation you'd like help with or just a listening ear, apparently i'm available! :-)


At 6:27 AM , Blogger Matt said...

Go for it! You're pretty good at listening to me complain about my terrible life with a family and a roof over my head :).


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