Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Years Resolutions

~ Get out of debt!!

~ Maintain healthy weight/jeans size lol

~ Go to more rodeo/cowboy events - might meet future husband!!!

~ Continue learning/studying the Bible, grow!

for clarification, the third one is because I've recently realized that I live in the cowboy capital (of texas or the world, can't remember?) and I'm missing out on some potential dates because I'm not out on the circuit!! I gotta get involved, I love the rodeo! and Cowboys. *sigh* wish me luck!! lol

More pictures coming soon - I gotta get them loaded and then uploaded haha


At 12:35 PM , Blogger 24crayons said...

Well, you're a braver woman than I.

I, as you know I think, met Mr.T at a random internet gathering event at my friends house. So technically, I met him THROUGH the internet, but in person actually.

I've been to a rodeo. It was weird for me, but you know me. I wore overalls and a purple beany cap with pigtail braids (was 19), and I thought I looked pretty country. LOL I looked a little hip hop/weird goth in actuality - but there ya go - picture that for a laugh.


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