Thursday, November 01, 2007

Junkie? I think not

Okay, I am really getting tired of taking pills. In the last month or so I've been prescribed two antibiotics, an allergy medicine and now a strong antihistamine. Plus I'm taking glucosamine and a multi-vitamin. A few weeks ago I got an upper respiratory infection and was prescribed amoxicillin and Allegra D. When the samples of allegra D ran out I waited a few days but it was evident I would need a regular prescription. I have new allergies out here and if they get too crazy I could get sick - infections, etc. Don't want that, so now I take an allegra every day. Then a little over a week ago I saw a dentist for my back tooth that needs a root canal. I am seeing a specialist on Monday, but he put me on a strong antibiotic to fight the infection because the x-rays showed the tooth very inflamed. On Tuesday night (about day 7 of the antibiotic) I noticed a rash on my torso, front and back. Wednesday I woke up and it was worse and itchy so I took Benadryl which only provided mild releif and knocked me out. Gidget got me some anti-itch spray but that was only temporary relief. So this morning I went to my Dr (AGAIN) and he said it was probably caused by the antibiotic and to stop taking that, and he prescribed me a stronger antihistamine. I really would have preferred a shot, but great! Another pill to take! Just when I was almost done! And this one I take 4 times a day. *SIGH*. I really hope all this stuff gets under control because seriously, I'm not a pill popper!


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