Friday, October 19, 2007

A day outdoors

Now that Evy is walking, we've been spending afternoons outdoors where she can roam and explore. Finally I remembered to take my camera to capture her walking and enjoying the sunshine. I had a great photo op a few days ago because after running around and playing at the barn, she was very content to just sit and enjoy the fresh air. She simply sat on the huge rocking chair while I rocked it and I got some great shots. The day before we were out playing with the dog and I also got some great shots. Enjoy!

Before going outside to play, I caputured this hilarious shot. She LOVES the phone and she knows the difference between an old one that doesn't work, a toy one, and the real ones. She wants the real one! Now she's started "conversing" on the phone, too cute!

She absolutely loves the dogs and they love her!


At 6:13 PM , Blogger Reagan said...

helyna loves the phone, too.
she knows the difference, too.

At 11:40 AM , Blogger Keyser Soze said...

That's pretty durned cute! :-)


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