Thursday, October 04, 2007

13 months old

Well, Evy is 13 months and growing like a weed! Granted, she is still not gaining weight like all of her other peers (no baby fat) but she has grown a full inch in the last month and is now 29 1/2" tall! I haven't tried to weigh her but I would guess she's at least put on half a pound to round herself out to 20. But she's still a picky eater at times, so who knows. The doctor said its fine as long as she gets one full meal in a day which she does. Of course, if she could eat sweets and chips and snacks all day she would! Yesterday we had an argument because I was eating cheddar cheese ruffles and she wanted some but I wouldn't give her any because she wasn't finished with her lunch of pasta wheels and peas and carrots. Ohhhh she threw a huge fit! She has 11 teeth, working on number 12. Finally the front teeth on the bottom sides are coming in, although it makes life hard for all. She's not sleeping well and of course, its at night that she really has trouble which means Gidget is up with her. And Gidget isn't blessed with the ability to fall right back asleep so she actually gets less sleep than Evy does and no naps during the day. But hopefully it will all be over soon! Evy is walking really well now. She still falls occasionally and hasn't quite mastered getting back up on her own but she tries. She is also getting more hair! Gidget was able to fasten a bow in her hair on Sunday which was a feat! She usually pulls them out and she didn't. Whats funny is that she still doesn't have bangs - no hair in the front! But whats in the back is growing long so eventually it will go down her forehead. She is also continuing to use and learn more sign language. The current word we are working on is please. She has been using the sign for "more" as an indication that she wants something so we are trying to teach her to use please instead. She also has created a new one for "out" or "up" which is to hold her hands out palms up. I figure she does that mimicking us because we hold our hands out to her to lift her.

Life for me is still great. I still love my job - Evy is a blast and Gidget and I still enjoy each other. I finally got dish network in my apartment, although I may end up paying more for the installation than planned. Apparently the guy who installed it didn't really know what he was doing and he got fired on Monday. He installed a new dish for me because he said it wouldn't get signal from their existing one. But I don't think thats right. He also told me I wouldn't have to pay for the new satellite which I think was also a lie. So I'm a little scared of getting the bill! It was supposed to be added on to Gidget and Andy's account for $5 a month but the guy who came out to fix their switch yesterday said he wasn't sure that would work since its a separate dish. I don't know what will happen. but its nice to have tv!! haha! Gidget is upse though because she says she sees less of me now - since I go home to watch my shows. I reminded her that she told me I needed a life of my own ha!

Last weekend, John and I went to Clifton and hung out with my parents. It was the first time for him to meet my dad and all went well. I went with my mom to a "lunch with the author" and left John and dad alone for about 2 hours and they didn't kill each other so I figure thats a plus! We spent Saturday afternoon/evening playing a card game called Hand and Foot. Mom and dad play almost once a week with some other couples so they are pro's at it. Mom and I were partners and dad and John were partners and well, they killed us. 3 out of 4 games the guys won! But it was a blast.

This month's weekends are already filling up- there's a wedding on the 13th, Gidget has a horse show on the 20th and then HPU Homecoming is the 27th. This coming weekend will be nice - Gidget, Andy and Evy are going to San Antonio Fri-Sun so I get to stay behind and take care of the animals and the house. I won't really get to sleep in on Saturday because I have to feed and put the horses out by about 9 but I can go back home and be lazy if I want! Yay!

Okay thats it for now, I think. I need to get pictures up - I'll try to do that soon!!!


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