Sunday, August 12, 2007

All About Evy

Life as a nanny has definitely been interesting lately! Evy is on the verge of walking independently – crossing my fingers that its before her birthday – and she has officially cut 5 teeth. Tooth number 6 is being stubborn – it’s the top left one and for whatever reason is taking its sweet time coming down. She loves her teeth and bites into anything she can, including us sometimes! She is really starting to show her temper and throws full blown fits – screaming, crying, throwing herself backwards, biting and hitting. She hit me across the face the other day and I immediately spanked her hand and told her no. Sometimes when we do that she doesn’t even flinch – that can’t be a good sign! Gidget says its her temper and I KNOW that’s not good. Ha! But most of the time she is such a crack up. She keeps me laughing with her chatter, her smiles and her love of climbing. Her favorite thing to do is climb on whoever is on the floor near her, whether they are sitting or lying down. She will climb over our legs over and over again. She loves to be chased and will speed crawl but then stop to make sure we are still chasing her!! She hasn’t walked yet because every time she realizes she’s standing on her own she gets so excited she falls. But her confidence is building and she has taken some tentative steps between furniture or hands. She has demonstrated a few words in sign language but unfortunately she’s not very consistent so we are working on it. But she can sign for milk, more, and drink. Gidget bought a book so we are going to teach her more – things like thank you and please. While she doesn’t always use sign language, she’s very good at pointing and says a few words. We’ve decided her first official word is “duck”. She hasn’t quite learned how to distinguish though because everything is duck. We say “dog” she says “duck”, we say “fork” she says “duck”. But hey, it’s a word! She has been known to say dog, cat, mamma, and yep but not regularly. She loves to say “uh-oh” and has started to say it before she drops something on purpose. I think its funny because she is always surprised when I catch whatever she intends to drop! She mimics several noises and likes to click her tongue and smack her lips, sometimes in rapid succession! I figure she’s good at it since she doesn’t have many teeth. When she is sleepy, she’s the sweetest baby there is. Well, unless of course she doesn’t want to be sleepy – then she’s grumpy and whiny! Friday she fell asleep in my arms twice and I simply enjoyed it because that’s a rare thing! Normally she goes down for her naps by taking a bottle and sitting cozily in her chair watching her shows – Baby First Tv or Nick Jr. I now know the words to the songs on The Wonder Pets – is it crazy that I actually enjoy watching that? I also enjoy “Shushy Bye Baby” on Baby First Tv and the song gets in my head. Then I sing it and it gets in Gidget’s head. It’s a fun circle. Evy makes noises at the tv – she likes the animals and Dora. I’m sure that when she can talk she will tell us how much she loves them! Her first birthday is fast approaching (Sept 8) much to our shock and amazement. The time has flown by but I enjoy every minute. There are days that feel like months and months that feel like days – its all backwards but I’m sure every parent feels the same way. We did a photo shoot for her birthday invitation and while I cannot post every picture, below are a few of my favorites. The setup was Gidget's idea because her siblings are all very multi-talented and athletic and we figure she'll do anything she wants. Below the picture Gidget intends to write the verse "I can do ALL things..." I hope you enjoy the pictures - we had a blast taking them!

this was our first setup and If we hadn't had the background pictures in there, it would have been good

She did this all on her own - it looks like she's posing on purpose!

This was my pick for the invitation

This was hilarious, she loves rocking her horse and she was going crazy!

This is Gidget's pick for the invitation

*side note, last night Evy was crawling everywhere so I would chase her and drag her back to the middle of the room by her ankles. A few times she flipped over on her back so I was dragging her around - on the carpet. On her back. Well at the very end she started crying a little so I stopped because I thought she was tired. It wasn't until after church today that we noticed the red mark on the back of her head. I GAVE THE BABY A CARPET BURN!! ON HER HEAD!! I'm ashamed of myself as a nanny. Poor baby girl. Thankfully she has no memory of the incident and still loves her nanna Jan and Gidget thinks its funny and didn't fire me.


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Awww.. poor little girl! LOL - funny though..

I nominated you for a 'rockin blogger girl' award!


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