Thursday, May 24, 2007


Thanks to Reagan, who tagged me.

7 Random things or habbits about me...

1. I type super fast to the point where sometimes my fingers go TOO fast and I mess up words. Because of the way I type (fingers on the proper keys), weird keyboards really annoy me.

2. I really do want to write a book, journal, write poetry, etc but somehow I have a block and never do it. the desire is there but when I actually have time to do it I don't think about it! Very annoying.

3. I take an insane amount of pictures, some of them sort of silly (corrie and reagan can attest to that!). But I just like being different and you never know what you might catch in the lens.

4. I have a slight vanity about my hair. It has gotten really long and pretty and blond and well, I just like it. To the point that sometimes I swish it across my back on purpose when I walk - I like the feel of it!

5. I bite my fingernails while hating that I bite my fingernails. Sometimes I bite them so low that they bleed and hurt and yet I KEEP BITING. Its this weird obsessive habbit that I can't seem to break and while it annoys me to do it, I still do it. While thinking that I shouldn't do it.

6. I wish I could be like Hermione Granger (HP 4) and magically shrink and straighten my teeth. I don't have the money for orthodontics and I'd rather not go through braces. I wish I could just be magic for one day and fix them.

7. I like to read books over and over again. Its fun knowing what will happen but still reading it anyway.

I don't have anyone to tag as most of my readers don't comment or they've already done it. So sorry, I'm stopping the tag train!! :-)


At 4:33 PM , Anonymous Rogue - who know who I am said...

OK, Fine. I'll comment. Don't worry about the weight maybe she is just a naturally skinny kid. She is who is she is and you can't force her to be someone else. I think is the problem of most parents - expectations of their kids and trying to put them in that mold. Look at Travis. 95% for height and 5% for weight.

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