Saturday, March 03, 2007

bones and bruises

well okay so I don't have an x-ray to prove it because that was a waste of money I couldn't afford. But in all my 29 years and 4 months I have never broken anything (not even when I got run over!!) but I live on a ranch for 2 months and break a finger. Not just any finger but my MIDDLE finger on my RIGHT hand. Do you know how much you use your middle finger?? Its a very important one. Thankfully I only broke it at the tip and so the knuckle still bends a little bit. I just can't put a lot of pressure on it and wear a finger splint to protect it. I am always flipping people off due to the splint lol! But it must be accident week at the Blue Stem because I hurt my hand on Monday (on a gate by the way) and then yesterday Gidget came off one of the horses. HE spooked and being as big as he is (He's a fresian) she came off. It was a long way to fall and she just happened to land on the same hip where her cell phone was in her pocket. That didn't help matters! She has a very large colorful bruise and bump on her rear on the right side. literally her butt is bigger on one side, its kind of funny. But we are just glad that neither injury was worse than it was because both could have been. I'm bowling tonight - something tells me I won't do too well. But I'll have fun!!


At 3:28 PM , Anonymous Rogue said...

I'm reading and can't wait to see you on Sunday.


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