Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cereal and Sweet Potato's

Evy had her checkup on Monday, complete with vaccinations, and we got the go-ahead to start her on foods. This is huge for Andy who has been DYING to feed her! So Tuesday night Gidget put her in one of her little chairs and prepared some rice cereal. The first feeding was interesting as she wasn't quite sure what to do with what was in her mouth but she has very quickly caught on! When she is put into that seat with a bib her little legs start kicking and she gets super excited. She doesn't appear to like the apple juice, but the cereal and the yams were great. Gidget gets to try new things every few days so its a process! I'm waiting for the nasty diapers to start....

Its been a busy week and I am going to be working at Andy's office once a week now. He has one assistant in the office and she has fallen behind on filing/paperwork and needs help. So I went in on Thursday and helped for a few hours and will continue going in every Thursday. Gidget and I are getting into the hang of things, and until I get another part time job and my hours change, we are pushing my start time to 9 a.m. That gives her more time in the afternoon which seems to work better for her and the baby.

Evy is getting used to me being around - if she gets fussy I can calm her down fairly quickly, and we have good interaction. She still sometimes stares at me, processing the fact that I'm there. She is talking to me a little more, as she gets more comfortable with me, but its not the same as with Gidget. When Gidget is with her, she squeals and coos and babbles constantly. With me, its only occasionally and usually right after she's been with Gidget haha! But we are getting there.

My little house is really starting to feel like home. Today I got a lot done as far as putting more stuff in storage (to give me more space) and I hung some pictures. I'm limited on decorating since one side is all cinderblock and the other side is not. So its slightly lopsided. But I found my curtains in storage and will hang those up on hte cinderblock using velcro which will help. Maybe it will deter Ty from pulling on the blinds in my bedroom! He loves the windows. Lady wants to dash out the door every time it opens - she has no concept that the dogs will eat her. Leo and Paco have had an encounter with the cats (cats inside the door, dogs outside) and they don't really do anything, but Gidget says if Lady got out and started running, the chase would be on and it would not end happily. I need to find their leashes so I can take her outside! I have adopted Jack, the jack russell terrier. He's the sweetest dog. But he's not too sure about actually coming inside with me. Other cats have actually beat up on him so mine terrify him (they are kind of big). When the weather gets a little warmer, I will give him a bath and let him inside more often. I think he'll get used to it. I really like him- surprisingly, since I'm not normally a dog person. But he's older and while he's active, he's not hyper. And Gidget has trained him well - he smiles, he obeys orders and he doesn't lick or jump. I'll have to get a picture of him smiling because its hilarious and sweet. When I'm hanging out at hte house watching tv or watching movies, he lays on my lap or next to me. He doesn't do that with anyone else really!

So I'm really settling in, its been a few weeks and starting to really feel like home.


At 7:02 PM , Blogger BW said...

What in the World?!?!?!? I leave and go to Italy for a few months. You change jobs and cities. I hope it is a wonderful thing for you!


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