Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My new life

(from the entrance to the ranch, looking out over the property. If you look carefully you can see the house far in the back)

Yesterday Gidget and I had lunch at the Morgan Mill General Store. We were there just before the regulars showed up and it proved much entertainment for me. The General Store is just that. Along the left wall are shelves stocked with everything from cheap brand toilet paper to Drain-O to cans of Spam and Salmon Fillet in a can. Yes, that is correct - Salmon in a can. They also have gas pumps, a fountain machine, and serve food. They have specials each day of the week and know the regulars by name and order. The regulars yesterday were almost all men - cowboys in from their hard labor of training horses, plumbing, construction or electricity. Their big pickup trucks filled the space in front of the store because there are no parking places. Folks just pull up parallel on the side of the highway and park! The woman who took our order wrote it down word for word in full - no shorthand. And then the owner came by to make sure our order was right and everything tasted right. Gidget later told me he's Tuff Hedeman's father in law (if you know who Tuff Hedeman is). There is rodeo and Texas memorabilia everywhere, old fashioned looking toys, and candles on the shelves as well. But from the highway you would drive right past and may not even realize its a business in operation! It looks like a run down gas station in passing.

Life on the ranch is great. Gidget is working me hard for sure, but its worth it. Somehow taking care of them and serving them as a family is rewarding. I've always been a bit of a servant at heart and it seems to come naturally for me to pick up and clean up after them daily - at least so far I don't mind it much! Evy is a super easy baby and when she is awake we have a blast just hanging out and playing. She just goes with me wherever I am working and occupies herself with babbling or playing with her toys or just watching me work. She definitely comes more to life with Gidget and talks incessantly. She tells Gidget what I do haha! Anyway, I'm settling in. I enjoy leaving the house after dark and looking up at the stars. I enjoy Jack the dog sleeping outside my door on the blanket I put out for him. I enjoy the quiet mornings when I drink my coffee and prepare for the work day. I enjoy the quiet nights laying in bed listening to the dogs occasional bark or a coyote howl. I'm truly at home here.


At 7:57 PM , Blogger Reagan said...

who is tuff hedemann? a rodeo guy?

At 3:08 PM , Blogger Jana Leigh said...

i believe he's retired now, but he was a champion bull rider, yes :-)

At 7:44 AM , Anonymous Jules said...

So what about John?????


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