Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The stars at night...

are big and bright - DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS! Seriously, lately the night sky has been crystal clear and amazing. The full moon and bright stars make for awesome sky gazing! Sometimes I just stop in awe of where I live - it seems unreal! Things are continuing to go well, but with Gidget picking up more lessons (praise God!) and getting busy, that means more time with the baby who is getting increasingly more active. Won't be long before she is rolling and sitting up on her own and then crawling! I will certainly have my hands full then! I'm trying to really relish the moments now when she contentedly sits in her swing while I do housework. There are still times she wants my undivided attention, though. Just Monday she was having trouble sleeping so finally I just left her sleeping on my lap and that way if she woke up crying I could soothe her instantly and she would go right back to sleep. I am beginning to think she is going through some sort of growth spurt lately - that would explain the weird eating schedule and the trouble sleeping. Lately she can be just a little needy - we are hoping its not spoiling her but I think she's still too little to be spoiled quite yet. I just don't know how mom's do it - the ones who do it ALL! Anyway, below are some pictures from today. She had sweet potato's for the second time and is REALLY enjoying eating. She also had a good visit with the horses in the barn since the temperature got up into the 70's. She's been inside all winter with this cold weather so Gidget wanted to take advantage of the sunshine and warm weather (which of course, is short term). She had a blast - mainly with Leo, the lab. I couldn't get a picture of that because she was on my lap and it was too close, but basically Leo lets her do anything she wants. His head was in her lap (as far as I'd let him go) and her fingers were up in his mouth, his eyes, his ears and he just stood there, tail wagging.

Sweet Potato's are Good!!

Shay and Evy get an eyeful of each other

Jake gets up close and personal!


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