Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Showing Affection on Valentines Day

This morning Baby got off of his cage again and made it as far as the kitchen. He made a noise and Gidget and I both realized that it as far too close - sure enough there he was walking down the hallway. I went to go get him and as I started talking to him and knelt down he started moving his neck rapidly and made a coughing sound and..... yep you guessed it. He regurgitated a large seed right into my hand. Um. Gross. I continued to talk to him, trying to coerce him into stepping onto my hand so I could carry him back to his cage but all he kept doing was spitting up seeds on me! Thats how birds show affection, apparently - they puke on you. I'm just glad the seeds were still whole..... he finally stepped up onto my fingers but continued walking up my arm, all the while making the gagging noise and shaking his head at me. Now when I approach him he automatically starts to do that, and when I passed by his cage to go to Casey's room he flung water at me. What a beautiful relationship.
(picture to be posted soon, I forgot my cable for my camera!)


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