Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's a Sunshine-y Day!

I don't know about where you are, but the weather the past few days has been INCREDIBLE. Gidget and I have opened the windows and taken walks and both yestery and today I took the baby to the barn in the stroller. I also learned how to wash the (many) windows! My heater doesn't come on as often at night, I'm wearing t-shirts during the day, ahhhh its beautiful. I love Texas warm weather!
My relationship with the bird is still going well - he seems to be the only man willing to show me affection lately and I'm soaking it up. Now when I go visit him at his cage he'll approach me and rub his beak on my hands and cough up a seed or two. The whole regurgitation thing is not so bad anymore - I know what it means so I'm looking past the actual process to the meaning. Its all about meaning. He also mimics my voice more which is cool to hear. I cleaned his cage yesterday and he didn't waste time getting on the floor to enjoy his clean area. He really likes when I give him fresh water for his bathing bowl.
The baby is growing - she's now wearing more 6 month clothing which Gidget thinks is sad. She's still not rolling over like we'd like her too but she sits up and eats like a champ so we take what we can get.
I am really looking forward to the warmer weather so I can go on more walks with the baby - get good excersise!! Also, Gidget has a horse clinic coming up and then after that is the St. Jude Trail Ride in May. I'm not sure what my part will be this year - I'm sure I'll be manning the registration booth with the baby instead of riding. Thats okay with me!
Anyway, I still haven't downloaded my pictures but I will soon. Stay posted!


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