Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Many stories to tell

Well so much has happened since I last posted anything but hopefully I can get it all in. Evy has been sick on and off for a few weeks now - tis the season - and is now on the very tail end of her cold or whatever it was. So work has been a bit stressful since a sick, needy baby makes getting housework done hard! You stay at home moms know what I mean. Anyway, it also stresses Gidget out and she hasn't been getting good sleep at night because Evy isn't sleeping well and the circle is just crazy. Hopefully we are on the road back to normalcy! But nonetheless, even when sick, Evy is still capable of being happy and sharing with us her big smiles and laughs. Thanks to a friend of mine I was finally able to capture a good laugh on camera (even though she's not looking at me). Runny nose and all, she was laughing.

Last week I had my first visitors to the ranch and my humble abode. My friends Lari and her son Travis came to visit and stayed Sunday through Wednesday. While in the area they enjoyed Fossil Rim in Granbury, The Dr Pepper Museum in Dublin, and the country life in Morgan Mill. Travis went to a dine-in pizza place for the first time ever - he thought it was only available by delivery! Lari got to help Gidget with the horses and she had a dream come true riding the Fresian, Titan. I enjoyed having my "city friends" come visit me and it was the first time I've seen them since I moved! It was great that they ejoyed the ranch and can understand why I left my corporate high paying job to come out here.

Then I left on Thursday morning to join my mom and future sis in law to drive down to San Antonio for the W0men of Faith National Conference. I felt bad leaving Gidget with a sick baby, sleep deprived, and she was about to entertain her family for a few days. But plans were made - the show must go on! It was very nice to get away from "work" for a few days and Women of Faith couldn't be a better way to do it. Mom and I go every year to the conference in Dallas and this is our 2nd National conference to attend and we always enjoy it. This was the first time for Jill and she loved it! Despite some aches and pains and sickness scares, we didn't let anything get us down and the Lord came through as always. It was incredible and we had great weather! We walked each day to and from the Alamodome and we got to walk down the Riverwalk and allow Jill to see some Texas history (the Alamo!). On our way back to Clifton, we chose to take 281 to see some of the country and give Jill another taste of Texas. I was driving our 4RUnner and in Lampasas noticed the transmission acting funny - grinding and shuddering into gear. When we got into Marble Falls and I stopped at a red light on an incline, the engine died. It would not go back into gear, although it would idle. Great- stranded in Marble Falls! Thankfully I knew someone there and they called their mechanic who happened to have his shop about 100 feet from where we broke down. They agreed to look at it on Sunday (they were closed for the day) so we called our other friends who had attended the conference to come pick us up. We made it home later htan planned, and were not able to attend a dinner we were supposed to but we made it home. And God is good no matter what! It could have broken down anywhere else, but instead happened in a town where we could safely leave it and a mechanic would look at it. And our friends were not too far away and had room to take us home. Here is a picture of mom and Jill showing their frowns next to our broken car.

on Sunday, my parents church hosted a wedding shower for Dean and Jill and it was a blast. I got some great pictures of them but this is one of my favorites. Dean told the story of how they met and how he proposed and that was a blast. He tells it so well! I am looking forward to their wedding in June and having Jill as an "official" sister!!

and I can't leave out this picture. As they opened gifts, I wrote down what everything was and Dean asked what to do with the bows. As shown in the picture, I demonstrated to him what to do with a large bow that had been wrapped around a box. I like this picture because of Dean's expresson.

While it was nice to get back home to my cats and my own bed, Monday was crazy trying to get the house back in order. It was a long day! But now things are settling down and as Evy gets well, things get better. She is so much fun now, sitting up and babbling and she is now reaching out for people. She is definitely a touchy feely baby (not sure how that happened since Gidget is NOT). She sometimes just needs a hug when her feelings get hurt or she gets upset. Its so sweet! I expect she'll start talking soon - she opens and closes her mouth sometimes like she wants to say something but just can't get it out. Gidget is learning some sign language and hopes to use that.

Speaking of home, I think its time for me to go and get some rest. This week is already flying by so fast! I will try to keep posting each week so I don't get behind!
(sunset on the ranch)


At 10:28 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

Very cool! I miss you Banana! I don't go on myspace much any more - since they banned it from our computers here at work - can you believe it? Same old, same old here - just miss seeing you every day. Just wanted to tell ya!


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