Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ahhh this is the life

The weather has warmed up again which is GREAT. I love where I live! Every day that its warm, I take Evy out in the stroller and we walk up the road to the highway and back. Its exactly 1 mile from the house up and back, with several inclines and uneven road - very good for resistance! If for whatever reason I can't take Evy I go by myself anyway. I need the excersise thats for sure! We've also gone down to the barn several times while Gidget had lessons because people love to see the baby. Its been fun. Tomorrow is Mothers Day Out at the ranch for the MOPS group. Moms and their kids will be coming out to feed, brush and ride the horses. I'll have Evy in her pack-n-play so that I can help manage the kids in the brushing area! Its supposed to get up to 80 which will be PERFECT. My finger is slowly healing - I have to wear the finger brace a few more days, its still sore if I bend it too much or put pressure on it. But at least its not crooked or anything like that. Here is a picture that I took with my cell phone the day afterwards - all swollen and pretty. I took a picture of the bruise that shows where the fracture was on the underside but it looks more obscene because well, its my middle finger!
This has been a week of a few milestones with Evy. She's 6 months old tomorrow and so we are beginning the removal of the pacifier. They will probably continue to use it in the church nursery simply because its "chaos control" and she may continue to need it at night occasionally. But I'm hoping to eliminate it 100% during the day from now on. The problem has been more that she doesn't really need it but that its given to her to keep her quiet, mainly in the evenings. She went all day without it and was fine - I just had to divert her attention a few times and distract her. SHe took 3 naps just fine without it. I'm sure there will be a bit of "separation anxiety" since she has a bond with it, but all the books say the sooner the better! I spent the night in Andrew's room last night to attend to her so that Andy and Gidget could sleep. THe night before she was up all night fussing - we are pretty sure its definitely teething this time. She had a fever Sunday night and a little bit on Monday and then it disappeared but she's been fussy. Gidget only got maybe an hours sleep and Andy had to drive to Houston early this mornign and needed sleep. So I did night duty which consisted of twice giving her the pacifier again and a few other times just listening to her cry to be sure she didn't choke. They say its normal for babies to wake during the night but that eventually they'll learn to go back to sleep without much fuss. THe problem is every time she fusses even if its just for a few seconds, it wakes Gidget up and interrupted sleep can almost be worse than none! We pray that it doesn't continue and that she learns to sleep through the night quietly. WIsh us luck on the pacifier thing! Here is a picture I got yesterday - up until the last day or so she has not grasped the concept of holding on to things and putting them into her mouth. But slowly she is figuring it out and I tried to capture it with my cell phone. I gave her a teething biscuit to chew on and she actually had it in her hand and held it into her mouth for several seconds! Just long enough for me to run for my cell phone to capture it and she took it out of her mouth. But at least you see her holding it which is a big deal!! If only we could get her to put her teething toys and sippy cup into her own mouth - I bet it won't be long!

On another note, I am constantly in awe of my surroundings and each night that I walk to my little dwelling I stare up at the sky (and sometimes trip on things because I don't watch where I'm going) because the stars are gorgeous. I really thank God almost every day for bringing me out here. I pray I never take the beauty of this world for granted!

Have a great week y'all


At 6:38 PM , Blogger Reagan said...

jan. are you kidding me with that picture of your finger? i couldnt see anything b/c it was toooooo close.
turn on the micro setting, push the button halfway down to let the camera focus, then take the picture.

At 8:16 PM , Blogger Jana Leigh said...

sorry reagan, its a cell phone picture - not great for clarity. But you can see the swelling and the bump!!


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