Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Okay not much time to type but many of you know about the "Easter Snow Phenomenon" so I wanted to share my pictures of the bluebonnets covered in snow. I measured 3 inches worth on the rock in front of my little house but I'm sure we got more than that, it just didn't accumulate due to the warmth of the earth. Craziness! Evy is SO MUCH fun these days - it just keeps getting better and apparently this ain't nothin yet!!

this is where we will take Evy's picture in the bluebonnets but on Easter, it was covered in snow!!

This is a normal sight - she loves to chew on her own hands and mine when I let her!

In her cute Easter dress, with a onesie underneath because it was so cold!

She likes to touch my coffee cup every day. I bet she's an early coffee drinker!


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