Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The sun always rises

Well I hope all of my readers are enjoying the sun shiney warmth that we are enjoying here in Stephenville!! Its GORGEOUS!!

Last week was slightly miserable because I got sick Saturday night and was pretty much bed/couch ridden Sunday and Monday. Tuesday I worked half a day and then the rest of the week until yesterday I was living with a constant sore throat and a hoarse voice. Finally, I have recovered about 95% and hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be back to normal! I look forward to being able to sing again, that’s for sure! Evy who has also had a cold for what seems like forever is finally past it and only has an occasional cough now and then. She is a blast to be with these days because every day she seems to learn something new. She will be 7 months old in a few more days and she is babbling like crazy, holding on tight, putting things in her mouth (finally!!), eating like a champ and is just plain funny. We have started enforcing more tummy time to encourage the possibility of crawling but we have heard from a few parents who’s children never crawled – they went straight to walking. Evy can hold herself up on things like the table and the couch, standing without help. We are thinking she just might walk early! She is tolerating the tummy time much better than previously, though – she used to scream bloody murder any time we put her on her stomach. The other day she lasted 10 minutes before getting really mad and I just let her get mad hoping it would be even more incentive for her to try to move herself. She went through the anger and chilled out again so she ended up staying on her tummy fairly contentedly for 20 minutes. That is a record in the Hanson house! Today I put her on her tummy and she tolerated it even better than before, until she got hungry. So I think from now on I will make sure she gets as much tummy time as possible (when she’s not hungry) and we’ll see what happens. We are feeding her naked these days because well, its just easier! She is eating more and occasionally manages to slap the spoon (with the food in it) and it goes everywhere. Oh the joys of feeding a baby. Also Gidget has begun the weaning process starting with the 3 o’clock feeding so I get to give her a bottle every afternoon now. She absolutely LOVES the formula – she sees that bottle and gets excited. She chugs it down! Its pretty funny to watch.

We are back to taking our afternoon walks and yesterday she crashed in the stroller almost as soon as I got out the door, even though she had already taken her afternoon nap! But she was still adorable in her pink sun hat and sunglasses. For any mom's out there, the roll on sunscrean IS SO GREAT! We didn't get our walk today due to many other things that had to be taken care of but hopefully I can keep it up every single day now that the warm weather has moved in. I'm already enjoying the benefits of walking a lot!

Many things are planned for the upcoming weeks such as the sunrise service for Easter Sunday, a women's retreat with my mom's church lades, a baby shower for my friend Julie, a Spring church picnic with volleyball, and our annual Saddle Up for St. Jude trail ride on May 19th! Its fast approaching so I have made a flyer and we are organizing teams for advertising, etc. Each year has been more and more successful so we are excited to see what this year will bring.

I have also been hired as a financial secretary for the church part-time starting this week. I am excited about the extra income and also working for the church - it will be a bit challenging since I will be handling/entering all the tithes and offerings and paying bills, but I know I can do the work!

Sorry for the lack of pictures but its been a hectic week and I didn't get any downloaded, but I will get one of Evy in her sunglasses - everyone calls her "Hollywood"! Also, we will be getting some of her in the bluebonnets soon - there are some great patches around here. Yesterday she got to play in the dirt at the arena and Gidget and I got a glimpse into the future - she LOVED it!! SHe will love the beach when they take vacation in June!!

Pictures coming soon!


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