Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just waiting for the Ark

Is it just me, or did someone perform a serious rain dance? What is up with this weather! In JUNE no less! We are supposed to be in triple digit heat right now, but Tuesday night it was 68 degrees and we were swimming down the road. In Morgan Mill where I live, the rain started around 2 and just came down in a torrential downpour for almost 3 hours without stopping. A part of our private road was blocked off by a raging river coming off a hill into a pond and the cars couldn't cross it. Gidget barely made it with her 4x4 pickup! The drain in my yard clogged up and before I knew it I had a lake that was slowly rising up to my front door. My neighbors downstairs rooms adjoin that part of my yard and there was water ankle deep in their floors. Thankfully they have all tile floors and our farm workers lifted their furniture up onto bricks. They also unclogged the drain so that the small lake drained out of my yard before it got into my front door. I have pictures, I just haven't loaded them yet so check back. The farm office is in a barn and it flooded ankle deep as well. Not to mention all the ponds overflowing, and the lake is now full! A man made lake that was dug less than a year ago is now full. They said it could take up to 10 years to fill up based on normal rain fall. HA! because the lake flooded, it also crept into one of the crop fields and we may have lost an acre and a half of cucumbers that were under water. Hopefully the water receded fast enough that no lasting damage was done but only time will tell. Ironically I took pictures from the dam at the lake on the 16th and it was about 15 feet from the top. Now its only a few feet away. Insanity!! After the downpour stopped on Tuesday I hopped in the truck with the Hansens and we drove down the highway to see all the local creeks that were raging under the bridges. some have been dry for quite awhile - and now they are out of their banks! And the rain has not stopped. All over the state and probably in other places, people are losing houses, yards, fences. So where is Noah and his Ark? I think I'm ready to hop on board!!


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