Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tis the season

of illness. yep I'm sick. Last Sunday I was feeling extraordinarily tired but fought it and went to church anyway. Then a friend called for lunch and I couldn't say no because he was in town for the first time in awhile. By the time lunch was over I was dying for a nap, which I got thankfully. But after the night service I was ready to crawl home and die. I think I may have been running a fever but I had been drinking a lot of water so the thermometer would not have been accurate. Monday morning I thought I was feeling better so I went ahead and watched Evy for an hour and then went to the church to work a few hours. By 10 a.m. it just washed over me- body ache, chills. I was afraid I had the flu so I went to the clinic and got a 2 pm appointment. From there I went home for an hour nap and after the nap took my temp - it was 100.2 - fabulous. The dr did a flu test (having a q-tip shoved up your nostrils is NOT pleasant) but it came back negative so he ruled allergies. Um, allergies? with a fever? and absolutly no other "allergy" symptoms? No runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing. He prescribed antibiotics and gave me free samples of Allegra D. I took 2 doses of the antibiotic MOnday so tomorrow it will be 7 days. Tuesday I didn't have a fever and Gidget really needed to do a riding lesson so I hung with Evy. Thankfully she took a 2 hour nap so I did too. But after that I was weak and food didn't settle well. By Wednesday I could eat and was stronger but man, I have a nasty cough. Its miserable. No other symptoms - just this horrible "productive" cough. YUCK! Today in the service I heard lots of other people with the same cough which sort of made me feel better because at least I'm not the only one. But I hate coughing because I hate it when other people cough. I imagine tons of flying germs. Ahh well. I've never had allergies like THIS before - gotta love the country.


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