Sunday, November 25, 2007

Snow in Texas? In NOVEMBER??!!!

Yeah, it snowed on Thursday and again today. SNOWED. Big fat flakes. What is going on?? Oh right, I live in Texas. don't like the weather? Wait a day, it will change. I have finally brought out the electric blanket and sweats. Fun times! I know its cold at night when I wake up with both cats sleeping on me.

Update on Evy - she is almost 15 months old (wow time flies) and has been so much fun lately. She hasn't been sick in several weeks which is nice. She has finally learned that naps are good and goes down without a single complaint. Sometimes she even asks for it! If we can get her to sleep in her real bed she can put herself down for a nap eventually! The last few teeth coming in are proving stubborn and they are taking their time. She has gotten a lot better about biting though - she knows the difference between barely closing her teeth on your finger and chomping it. She loves playing with sunglasses, taking them off and putting them on and is learning the proper way to do it. She learns very quickly so when she can't figure something out we work on it with her until she can do it. I love watching her brain work as she learns and processes things. You can just see it in her face when she's working something out. Her sign language vocabulary now includes "bath", "please" and "thank you". For some reason "drink" is just not getting through but oh well. Last night I was watching her so Gidget and Andy could go to a game night and she asked for a "bath, please" and I was very impressed! Over Thanksgiving she was bombarded with people and kids and they wore her out. Yesterday everyone was gone and so we just hung out watching a movie. For her to simply sit in my lap for a long period of time is very strange! But she was just glad to relax and not have to constantly "perform".

As for me, my tattoo is healing. The last little scab is hanging on but should be gone soon. It looks really good!! I'm going to get a few things touched up and altered, but I love it. I also colored my hair (pic below). Just for something different, I went darker. At first it was scary because it was sort of an eggplant purple-ish color. but after a few washings its much better. So far the response is pretty positive! Who knows, I may keep it for the winter. But no worries, I'm a blond at heart!! I am also single again. After a lot of consideration I broke up with John a few weeks ago and I am totally at peace with it. Yeah, the idea of another "failed" relationship isn't great, but it wasn't right so I am good with it. Sometimes I worry that I'm too happy being alone - what if I never find someone? Its weird because I want the whole husband/kids/picket fence life and yet I just can't see it. I like being on my own, having my own timetable and just doing what I want. To give that up sometimes seems unfathomable. But I'm sure when the right guy comes along it will be fine. Thats what my other friends say - the ones who thought the same thing until they found their husbands. So there is hope!! :-) But until Mr. Right comes along, I'm happy.

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving! I can't wait to put up Christmas decorations!!!


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