Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Through the storm with Evy

So last week Andy and Gidget took a much needed mini vacation away from Evy - Gidget's first time away from her baby overnight! So me and Evy got to hang for 2 days by ourselves! With that said, hats off to the single moms because WOW. Anyway, the big highlight of our time together had to be the horrendous storm that blew through here on Wednesday night. We went to church as usual and it was a little cloudy but I had no idea of the torrential downpour that was to come. Also keep in mind that we live about 30 minutes (20 miles) away from the church. At about 7:30 I got a text from one of the girls in the nursery telling me Evy was not feeling well and her temp was rising. So I went to get her and while she seemed fine, she was definitely warm to the touch and her eyes were very red. Yep - pink eye. As we made our way through the chapel to leave I heard it. The sound of rain thundering on the roof. I had a choice to make - attempt to wait out the storm (with a feverish, pink eyed toddler) or just make a run for it and hope the storm wasn't in Morgan Mill. I decided to make a run for it. To add to the fun, my 11 year old car has a bit of a catch in the lock mechanism that occasionally sticks and it takes several tries to turn the key to unlock the door. It hasn't been acting up for quite some time now but wouldn't you know when it does, its when I'm holding Evy in a massive downpour!! At first Evy didn't mind the rain so much but as we continued to get poured on she got upset . I finally got the door open and threw her into the drivers side, threw my stuff down and then opened the back door to put her in the car seat. I got more soaked than she did for sure. Back in the drivers seat, I caught my breath and called Shane - I figured if I was gonna drive in this stuff someone needed to know what I was doing and where I was in case something happened. We were maybe a mile from town when the hail started. Shane wanted me to pull over somewhere and just stop but I was in the middle of nowhere (our church is out on a farm road 4 miles from town). So I kept driving and got to the gas station where I was able to get the nose of my car under the overhang while the rest of my car got beaten with hail. During all this I have the heat blasting because I'm already thinking Evy is sick and now she is soaking wet - not a good combination! But she is sitting in her car seat just singing and talking and saying "rain? rain! rain, rain rain!" She was having a blast. Nothing can scare that kid - nothing! We hung out at the gas station for probably a good 15 minutes until the hail stopped and the rain slowed down, and we made our way home going between 40-50mph. Shane stayed with me the whole time to make sure I got home okay. Evy of course fell asleep somewhere between town and home. When we got to the house I noticed my windows were open. I ran into my little house to find my dresser in my bedroom soaked with standing water on it. I cleared everything off and laid it all out on towels and towel dried the wood hoping it wasn't too wet and wouldn't ruin! Then I woke Evy up and carried her in and put her immediately in the bath tub to warm her up. But carrying her I realized she was no longer hot and sure enough, didn't have a fever. She was pretty hyped up though with all the excitement and from her little nap so we didn't go to bed until after 11. But we survived the storm and thankfully, neither of us got sick from our rain soaking experience!! I did take her to the doctor the next morning to find that she did in fact have pink eye and she also had an ear infection. I was glad when Andy and Gidget got home and I could go rest! Again, hats off to single moms. I appreciated my sleep that night!!


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