Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Early morning

Well, its just me and Evy today. Andy and Gidget took a much needed short vacation to a local Lodge/Resort and I'm with the kid. They left yesterday afternoon and will return tomorrow and its Gidget's first time away from Evy over night. Right about now I'm sure she's deep asleep which is a good thing! I, on the other hand, am up before I normally am. Evy hasn't learned the concept of "its still dark outside, go back to sleep". I am thankful for coffee this morning.

Yesterday I did some much needed spring cleaning. When I moved here I brought a lot of STUFF that really I don't need for normal day to day life. Things like old journals, cards and random stuff that I want to keep but don't need. So yesterday I cleared it all out of my closets and put it down in the basement with my other stuff. Eventually it should probably be moved to the storage room at my parents house seeing as its a lot of sentimental stuff and not necessary stuff. I also took out the mini fridge I haven't been using (There were two) and now have more 'pantry' space! Sometime today (after cleaning this house) me and Evy will go back over there and do some more detail cleaning. Gotta take advantage of the cleaning bug!

In other news, the weather has been great which always makes me happy. I love warm summer days and not having to blow dry my hair in the morning! Here's to hoping it will stay this way!


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