Friday, February 08, 2008


Okay so first of all, you may be interested to know that Gidget is pregnant again. She is due Sept 27th and right now is very very sick. But after the sickness passes in another month she'll be happy! Evy is doing great, although she is aware that something is going on since her mama isn't playing with her as much. She has followed Gidget to the bathroom a few times and holds her hand while she pukes - so sweet! She really does get cooler each month. She has now mastered the sign language for drink, but it no longer means water. When she signs for drink we have to ask if she wants milk, water or juice. She says "wah" or "joooce" and its precious. These days, if she doesn't get exactly what she wants she throws a fit. Mom says we are her puppets, desperate to do what she wants! I guess thats sort of true, except when what she wants is something she can't have or do. She's talking a lot these days. Some of it is still babble which is cute, but she mimics us when she's in the right mood. A while back she came into the laundry room where I was and she saw the vacuum and went to it, petted it and said in a very loving voice "vacooom". So cute! I've been trying to teach her the abc's but once we get past c everything becomes the same word which sounds a bit like 'eck'. She loves music and the first song she learned was This Little Light of Mine and she holds up her little finger as her light. So she learned that when she held up that finger we would sing and now she holds up the finger but doesn't necessarily want us to sing this little light of mine. So when we start she responds with "no!" and shakes her head so we move on through the songs until we get to the one she wants. She likes the itsy bitsy spider, Jesus loves me and if you're happy and you know it. When any music comes on - the radio or the tv or the cell phone - she immediately starts to move her head, bend her knees and clap her hands. I am also on a new diet which I call the Evy diet. She eats half of what I eat! I give her her own food but noooo she wants what I'm eating! She has taken a liking to the apple limeade at Sonic although she likes to make a sour face when she gets a sip because it makes me laugh. She has learned that she has teeth and that she can smile with them, so she'll give us that toothy grin when she knows she is being silly. Can you tell I love this child? I can't wait til the other one comes along - I know he/she will probably be completely different!! Okay, enough about Evy.

I am currently in San Antonio for the Women of Faith National conference and it ROCKS!! I love it. Pictures will be posted!!!


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