Monday, March 17, 2008

Many Words

Okay first I have to say that it is so fabulous to be sitting in the breakfast nook ONLINE! We now have satellite internet at the main house, but the wireless booster doesn't get the signal all the way to my house (yet). Its 9:40 pm and Evy's bedtime routine is in play in the living room so I'm hidden away from the rest of the house because otherwise she would be yelling and crying NANNA!!! wanting to play with me, sit with me, lick me, etc. Those are the things she does. Real quick, since this is the "nanny diaries", an update on the hilarious 18 month old herself. She develops more and more personality every day, and is now using so many words and also lots of jibberish. Gidget and I still get a laugh out of the fact that her mumbo jumbo somehow makes sense to us and that we know the difference when a finger to the mouth means "food" and when it means "drink". How we know, we can't say. Yesterday I was getting into the Tahoe to go to church and Evy was yelling "nanna!!" at me because I had not yet greeted her. I got settled in the seat, turned to her and said "good morning Evy" and she just gave me a huge grin as if to say "thank you, thats all I needed."

Fun Evy facts:
She can chew mento's and not choke
Our food is always better than her food even when its the same
She is getting better at using a fork
She enjoys sitting in a big chair instead of a baby chair or high chair
We can put her hair in a pony tail, stick straight on the top of her head
If you ask her "Who does Jesus love?" She points to herself and says "Me!"
she can say the word Bible at the appropriate time in the B-I-B-L-E song
she knows the hand motions to I'm a Little Teapot and Itsy Bitsy Spider
She loves the cats, dogs and horses and wants to go to each one and give them hugs and kisses
She gives good kisses now, and not just open mouth slobbery ones
She tries to put her own socks and shoes on - I bet she masters it soon!
She really watches and thinks about something and then figures it out on her own - like taking the playdough out of the little container, then putting it back in and snapping the lid on properly
She can mostly drink out of a big cup and not pour it down her front
She HATES change and truly thrives on routine down to the most minute little thing
She loves her baby doll and was very distressed when her mama had to perform "surgery" to sew the head back on!
She loves to sing, dance, hug, laugh, play chase, play hide and go seek, read books and watch her tv shows to relax
She is a bundle of joy and I love her very much!!!

Okay so for me personally. well hmmm. gosh my life seriously revolves around the kid! Sad huh? There are several things going on. I have officially taken over a post for our MOPS group and I am the Moppets Coordinator - getting workers for the nursery for MOPS events and meetings, etc. This month was my first run at it and I think things went well! I still have lots to learn but I enjoy being able to help and meet new people! We have the MOPS International Summit coming to our church soon, and after that is the Great Moms Walk and I am attempting to raise some money to pay for my own participation in the walk. You can donate at if you want! My job at the church is continuing to go well, I average about 10-15 hours a week now which is great since gas prices keep going up!! For those of you who I know are interested, there are no new romances in my life. Its in God's hands!

Oh random, but I finally drove the four wheeler the other day and omg so much fun! I'm totally going to do that more often, for sure!!! Evy loves to ride so as the weather continues to be nice, we'll go on more rides.


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