Saturday, September 13, 2008

rainy day

Well its been another busy week. I spent my "off" days packing and then ended up subbing in the 4s class on Thursday because brandy caught a stomach bug. Man was that a different class!! On Friday I had to change poppy underwear. Always a joy! Really though j love my two year olds!! They are learning so much and are so sweet! On Friday I looked at the houses Andy has for rent and picked one. It needs some work - two exterior doors heve to be replaced before I move in and he will put in a new stove. Then I have an allowance to paint and fix it up some. Its a very quirky house with lots of character and I think with some TLC it will be previous!!! Look for before and after photos!!
Well I am with Cody this hurricane weekend and we are watching football. He made nachos and they are ready so ta ta for now!


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