Friday, May 30, 2008


We are having our very own episode of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds around here. We've always had barn swallows on the front porch but now they are swarming around the back windows as well and its FREAKY!!! They are literally flying around like crazy all day long and its especially noticeable in the breakfast nook where we eat because there are several nests in those eaves. Creepy.

Evy now likes to sing and talk to herself as she walks along or plays or does whatever. Her vocabulary continues to expand although many times we have to ask her to repeat something til we figure out what she's saying. She also has quite an imagination. Yesterday Gidget said she kept saying there were bugs in the couch and would stick her hand between the seats and say "eewww!" And also sometimes she'll whisper "whats that?" and look around suspiciously. Then giggle. Too funny. She loves her letters and knows the alphabet but just not quite in order yet. She likes to say the letters randomly "A E U B O" etc. She has an alphabet 'puzzle' and she can match them all up. She also knows her colors and shapes. We enjoy our four wheeler rides in the afternoon to take the trash to the dumpster and get the mail (she says "may? may?" and she tells me where she wants to go out in the field while we ride. She's very bossy. I can't wait to watch her boss her baby brother around, which I'm sure she'll do!!

I am enjoying the summer weather, trying to get a tan (or at least less glaringly white). Last Sunday I sang a 'special' song in church and it was great. It turned out to be Family Worship day so the kids choirs replaced the adult choir on stage and they were perfect! The song I sang was "Praise You With A Dance" by Casting Crowns and the kids danced!!

And finally, what I know everyone wants to know is my dating life update. Well, in that arena God is really teaching me some important things. I went through an Apples of God mentoring program a few weeks ago and it was great, but there's nothing like real life experience to teach you. I am living out some of those lessons on submission, purity and biggest of all PATIENCE. Not a strong quality in me, evidently! I never thought I was one to be impatient but when it comes to some things, I just want to know whats going on! So I am trying to patiently let Shane lead the relationship, which he asked me to do, but its an unusual position for me. Sometimes I'm not so patient!. And then I go back to my verses and most importantly prayer. You know the scripture "don't be anxious about anything but by prayer and petition present your requests to God..." thats my life verse right now. Every time I get nervous or anxious or worried or just plain confused, I have to stop and just pray. Otherwise my imagination will run away with me and make things worse. So I'm learning some important lessons that can be applied to ALL relationiships.

thats it for now! probably more summertime pics to come later. I have some cute ones on my phone I just haven't loaded them yet!


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