Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Daredevil in the making

I mentioned in my post about weathering the storm that nothing scares Evy. In fact, she likes the thrill of being "scared". Since the weather has been so nice I have been using the four-wheeler to take the trash to the dumpster instead of using the farm truck (saves gas too). Evy LOVES the four-wheeler and if you ride it without her she will scream. Andy and Gidget have been taking her for rides since she was little, and only recently have I started doing it too. We have a "seatbelt" for her - a strap that fastens her to us so she can ride hands free but still be held on. She loves this. She is very bossy on the four-wheeler. As soon as she is on, she reaches for the belt and fastens it (or directs you to if she can't). Then she points to the "run engine" button and then reaches for the brake and the key to start the engine. When the engine starts she points to the gear shift. Then she holds on to the front of the seat (perfect space for her little fingers) and is ready to go. on the way back down the road from the dumpster I stopped around the curve in the road just before a long straight stretch. I said "Okay, are you ready?" and she said "one, two, three, go!!!" and I gunned it - we went flying down the road and you know what she did? Threw both hands in the air and screamed. Yep thats right. She's ready for roller coasters - and no one taught her that! She did it all on her own. Crazy kid :-)


At 11:43 AM , Blogger Jill Williams said...

A child after my own heart!


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