Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun Weekend

This weekend went by way too fast! A few weeks ago I was asked to help with a bull sale in Austin this weekend. Knowing Austin is not far from Shane, I agreed - I'd get to see him AND get paid to work! The Bull Sale/Auction was put on by a couple from my church who I have worked for before and it was in between Elgin and Bastrop. My best friend Becca just recently moved to Lago Vista which is North Lake Travis and half an hour from Shane. Perfect! So I drove down Friday afternoon to have dinner with Shane before going to spend the night with Becca. We went to dinner at a place in downtown Marble Falls but just as we got there, a big storm blew in and right before we got seated the electricity went out! We really thought it wouldn't be out too long, so we ordered the avacado salad to take the edge off. But the electricity didn't come back on so we paid for our drinks and salad and went to Wendy's! It was kind of cool to have our salad over candlelight, though!! Staying with Becca was a blast - she and I tend to act like teenagers together, all giggly and girly. We stayed up way too late talking and then her boys were up at 7:30 in the morning! She and I had breakfast at IHOP (Yummmm) and then I headed to Sayersville for the sale which started at 12. It was quite an experience because some of the cows and bulls that were on sale were famous bred and quite popular. The sale was also on tv so there were bidders present at the sale but also bids on the phone. I got to sit in the auctioneer stand to help locate buyers from the list so that the producer could call out their names after the bidding was won. There were famous bull riders present which was really cool, and when the price kept going up the bidding got pretty exciting! After all that, I drove back to Becca's where they had ordered pizza. Shane came over and we all played poker, and for my first time I did really well! I actually won quite a few hands! We are all looking forward to doing that more often - Becca and her husband love to play poker and so does Shane and now so do I! On Sunday morning I drove to Shane's to help him clean his house and get it ready for his whole family who were coming for the afternoon. Then I went to see MY mom - Happy Mother's Day! As a whole it was a great weekend, despite getting very little sleep!! I am looking forward to more fun weekends in Marble Falls visiting Shane and my friends down there!!! Oh and for all who I know are curious, here is a picture I snapped real quick before leaving. I'll get better ones in the future, but this should satisfy you for now! I think we look pretty cute together!!


At 8:41 AM , Blogger Reagan said...

my favorite line was "famous bull riders".

i know they have those, but you are my only friend who would know them.


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