Thursday, September 25, 2008

fixing things

So I am in my new house but there are still many things to be done before its cozy and "home". I painted the walls but still need to get the trim and the bathroom at some point. I tried to hang a towel bar but failed - I followed the instructions so I have no idea what I did wrong! I need to find a spot for spices and will be using my crates as an additional pantry. I rearranged my living room again and I think I am happy with it now. My laundry room is tricky and when I tried to hook up the dryer I realized the vent took up too much space and I didn't have room to open the door!! Then I discovered the plug was wrong! So I got a new plug and today will attempt to change it out and hopefully I can conquer the mountain of laundry that is piling up!! Oh and I can't forget the trauma of Tuesday night when I was rudely awakened by a police officer going through my gate to my backyard and running his flashlight along the house!! Turns out I know the officer who was driving and they were on a chase. They caught the guy but I spent the night terrified!! So I got new doors and feel a little better


At 8:11 AM , Blogger Red Eyes said...

It goes on and on. I think its fun when you are in your new home especially if you know its gonna be yours forever. Glad I found this blog and wondering where you get your inspiration. I see you like reading but have you read the master and margarita?

If only I can find my way back through a trail, I would love to stop by again?


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