Monday, August 29, 2005


So, you know from a previous post that I have a toe injury. It is still in the healing process but several people have scolded me for continuing to wear flimsy sandals or going completely shoeless. I hate wearing shoes I always have. As a child I was constantly stubbing my big toe and once it would heal I'd stub it again. Granted, this injury is MUCH worse than those days but I still refuse to let one incident prevent me from being barefoot. Well, due to the attention I've been getting recently I've realized many things. There are people (girly magazines specifically) that say that a woman who keeps her toes pretty and nice is a woman who likes taking care of herself. I guess its an attention to detail thing. There is a guy at my office who has what I would call a foot fetish. He always looks at my feet to comment on my polish, or choice of shoe, or lack of shoe. So he has checked on the status of my toe every day as well. Then there is my boss who is very squeamish and would rather not know any of the details - although today he did see it (as I did not bandage it) and said "Thats it?" Nice. Then there is a guy at my church who totally skitzes out about other people's feet. He can't stand to see them, talk about them, hear about them or be touched by other people's feet. The mere thought makes him shiver and make a funny face. Its great amusement. But as for his own feet, he's okay with them and likes getting pedicures (since they do it better than he does). So its funny how this tiny injury has caused so many discoveries about people and what they think about feet. But no matter what, I will keep my toes polished, my heels scrubbed and my feet bare at all times possible! Oh and if you care, I didn't even chip the polish on my toe - how awesome is that!!!


At 8:04 PM , Blogger Reagan said...

i, personally, dont mind feet. BUT i would like to alert the general public to please take care of their feet, b/c i see some NASTY things under toes in the hospital. i vow before God and country to take care of my feet until i am old and decrepited and will also take care of my husband's feet b/c i would be mortified if he turned up in the hospital with toe fungus.

am glad your toe is recovering, uncovered.

At 2:42 PM , Blogger Mr. T said...

Regardless of how nice your toes are, its weird that he compliments you on them.

Take care of that foot, young lady. I will not be postponing any tour dates because of some injury you sustain taking fru fru photos of flowers.. sheesh ;)


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